Project Description

Saison 2019-2020



37th International Meeting of University Theatre

2nd to 7th March 2020

Every year since 1983, the Turlg has been organizing the Ritus and welcoming troupes from all over the world to perform in Liège. This year, troupes from Jordan, Estonia, Russia, Costa Rica, Hongria, USA, Poland, Morocco, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Togo, Ukraine and Belgium will do us the honor of coming to RITU.


  • CANCELLED Epic Mirage
    Theatre troupe of the Ministry of Culture, Amman (Jordan)
    8:30 pm // Chiroux

  • Some Amount of Conversations
    Tartu Student Theatre (Estonia)
    10:30 pm !! time change : 8:30 pm // TURLg

  • APCHekh & Charlotte. Dialogues
    Glagol Theatre of Pierre the Great Polytechnic University (Russia)
    8:30 pm // Chiroux

  • Juguemos en el Bosque (Let’s play in the forest)
    Teatro Universitario of the University of Costa Rica (Costa Rica)
    10:30 pm // TURLg

  • Dada training
    Janus University Theatre (JESZ), Pécs (Hungary)
    3:00 pm // TURLg

  • Every Brilliant Thing
    Purdue University Theatre, West Lafayette (USA)
    8:30 pm // Chiroux

  • Szalona Herbatka (A mad tea party)
    Teatr « nie ma » of the University of Szczecin (Poland)
    11:00 am // TURLg

  • Le dernier voyage de Sindbad
    Founoun Troupe of GEC Marrakech (Morocco)
    8:30 pm // Chiroux

  • Stabat Mater Furiosa
    Seringu’art of Lubumbashi Theatre School (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
    10:30 pm // TURLg

  • Melancodo
    Oxygène Troupe of UNESCO Club of the University of Lomé (Togo)
    8:30 pm // Chiroux

  • „Open Space
    Liège Royal University Theatre (TURLg), (Belgium)
    10:30 pm // TURLg

  • „The Lover
    Theatre Laboratory “VidSutnist”, Rivne (Ukraine)
    3:00 pm // Chiroux

  • Le CETA, l’Europe, le Canada, la Wallonie et moi dans tout cela ?
    Liège Royal University Theatre (TURLg), (Belgium)
    8:30 pm // TURLg

TURLg stage // Quai Roosevelt 1b – 4000 Liège

Chiroux stage // Place des Carmes 8 – 4000 Liège

Epic Mirage

2nd March | CANCELLED
Theatre troupe of the Ministry of Culture
Amman, Jordan
(60’ / in Arabic)

An immigrant returns to his small town after a long absence to invest his money in mock projects in order to control and impose his influence on the local population, buy their land and blackmail their social status and poverty to impose on them a new consumption reality. He puts the town’s notables, mufti and his personal servant under his control through their bribery with money and false promises without regard for his society (young men / women) and their cultures, hopes and aspirations.

Epic Mirage is a tragedy that exists and is rooted in societies governed by dictatorships that do not recognize the law, civil institutions, and social and economic justice, but that they build for destruction.

Text Saad Allah Wannous
Director Nabil Al-Khatib
WithThkriat Albreizat, Ayman Alkhlaifat, Motasem Alsmairat, Maher Jaryan , Dalia Momani, Issaq Obaid , Khalil Shehadeh

Some Amount of Conversations

2nd March | 08:30 pm | TURLg
Tartu Student Theatre
Tartu, Estonia
(70’ / in Estonian)

Aleksandr Vvedenski (1904-1941), was a Russian avant-garde poet and dramatist who co-founded the OBERIU collective. Some Amount of Conversations can be seen as human’s existential experience of the world from birth to death (and onwards ?) – it dramatizes the inadequacy of human language and thought to deal with the world. Characters flout basic rules of everyday conversations. Language is all that these characters have, but their words provide them with no direct access to the world. Words, objects, products of the imagination, or material phenomena – all are identical in their non-existence.

Text Aleksandr Vvedensky
Director Enor Niinemägi
With Henrik Lainvoo, Maragaret Loik, Peeter Piiri, Maria Pšenitšnaja, Saskia Reintam, Jan Remmelg, Jörgen Sinka, Kristjan Tammi, Kristin Uusna, Joonas Vatter

APCHekh & Charlotte. Dialogues

3th March | 8:30 pm | Chiroux
Glagol Theatre of Pierre the Great Polytechnic University
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
(50’ / in Russian)

Literary clownery in 10 dialogues based on Anton P. Tchekhov’s notebooks.

Text Anton P. Tchekhov
Director Konstantin Gershov
With Mikhail Alemaskin, Galina Gerling
Production designer Liudmila Radchenko
Light Timofei Ananichev
Sound Aleksandr Borshchevskii

Juguemos en El Bosque

3th March | 10:30 pm | TURLg
Teatro Universitario of the University of Costa Rica
San José, Costa Rica
(60’ / in Spanish)

Juguemos en El Bosque (Let’s play in the woods) is a selection of family stories, legends and stories from the Costa Rican and western context. We approach the construction of woman as a concept in the western tradition; valuing the phenomenon of inheritance in social transformation. Four actresses tell us different stories that arise from the question of how they live their “womanhood”. The play suggests a transit through some ideas that we find common when thinking of women as a concept, such as inheritance, wounds, fear, power, masks, religion, legends, motherhood, sorority, hope and others.

Collective creation
Director Elvia Amador
With Joselyn Pamela Alfaro, Ana Lucía Alvarado, Kathleen Muñóz, Susan Vargas

DADA Training

4th March | 3:00 pm | TURLg
Janus University Theatre (JESZ)
Pécs, Hungary
(60’ / in Englsih)

“Ordinary games”
In the history of JESZ our young actors have always been keen on making shows focusing on dadaist texts. A kind of performance that tries to remove us from our comfort zone and puts usual things in an artistic place to criticise our surroundings. The point is co-operation: are the spectators willing to give up their safety, to become part of the creation at one point? How do they react if actors touch them, paint on their bodies, give them musical instruments to play, take away their mobile phones. Are they willing to dance and shout with the others, to eat from a soup made on stage?

Director András Tóth assisté par Éva Radnai
With Gáspár Ágoston, Dénes Gácsik, Krisztián Háber, László Inhof, Ágnes Major, Flóra Mekis, Renáta Pásztó, Máté Popa, Bianka Somogyi
Technician Nándor Horváth

Every Brilliant Thing

4th March | 8:30 pm | Chiroux
Purdue University Theatre
West Lafayette, United States of America
(75’ / in English)

When life reaches rock bottom, we grasp for hope. For a child, that hope can be as simple as listing the things worth living for every day: Ice cream. Water fights. Kung Fu movies! Duncan Macmillan and Jonny Donahue’s one-person play recalls a childhood of despair, yet also filled with the resilience of the human spirit. A hit at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013, Every Brilliant Thing found a niche with theatre audiences across the UK and USA, and was recently broadcast on HBO. Told with the help of the audience taking on a few key characters, this tribute to human storytelling will resonate with audiences worldwide.

Text Duncan Macmillan and Jonny Donahue
Director Anne Fliotsos
With Pamela Schuh
Sound operator Adam Lewis

Szalona Herbatka

5th March | 11:00 am | TURLg
Teatr « nie ma » of the University of Szczecin
Szczecin, Poland
(50’ / in Polish and French)

“We are all mad here. I am mad, you are mad.”
Alice gets in a strange place where everyone is mad. The hardest thing to admit is that she is too. Is it possible to understand the origin of this madness? Will she be able to get back home? This interpretation gives an adult point of view on Alice’s story.

Text Lewis Carrol
Director Tatiana Malinowska-Tyszkiewicz
With Aneta Banas-Brejt, Patryk Borowy, Agniesza Głowacka, Oskar Jaskolski, Piotr Karczynski, Emilia Kludzinska, Zofia Sosinska, Krzysztof Stępien, Ada Szmidla

Le Dernier Voyage de Sindbad

5th March | 8:30 pm | Chiroux
Founoun Troupe of GEC Marrakech
Marrakech, Morocco
(55’ / in Arabic and French)

Easter 1997, an Italian battleship rams an Albanian boat. It drowns along with eighty passengers, who now feed the fish.
I borrowed Sindbad from One Thousand and One Nights to have him sail with the most valuable of all contraband: the human body. It doesn’t need packaging, it stacks itself and the transportation is paid for beforehand. This Sindbad is a blend of different sailors and stories, from Jonas, the prophet who was swallowed by a whale, to the Italian emigrants who were eaten alive by the Americas. Here, Sindbad is undertaking is last journey. He is carrying passengers of misfortune to our coastlines, lined with barbed wire.

Text Erri De Lucca
Hassan Machnaoui
Mohamed Ali Arrom, Sofia Bachar, Basma Bargayou, Fouzi Bijaber, Mariam Boudinare, Yahya Choumais, Basma Machnaoui, Mamadou Moumini, Sara Smeyej, Ismail El Ghouate Zouaki

Stabat Mater Furiosa

5th March | 10:30 pm | TURLg
Seringu’art of Lubumbashi Theatre School
Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo
(60’ / in French)

Stabat Mater Furiosa is the story of a woman who stands up and refuses to understand. Remembering a past still full of the basil smells from her childhood, she screams at war and the man who makes it. That scream does not fill the silence on the ruins but condemns the emptiness. In the tragedy of vain attempts, she still bets on life and in one last song for hope, she supports that things can get better.

Text Jean-Pierre Simeon
Director Djo Kazadi Ngeleka
With Gody Ngosa Bupe (instructor), Rosalie Kapinga Ilunga (make-up), Irène Mankand Kasongo (choregrapher), Solange Muneme Makuwa, Christian Kunda Mutoki (literary advisor)
Operator Guy Mukonkole Wa Mukonkole


6th March | 8:30 pm | Chiroux
Oxygène Troupe of UNESCO Club of the University of Lomé
Lomé, Togo
(60’ / in French)

On board of the plane which will deport him from Tunis, where he spent fourteen months at the service of a woman who promised him a residence card in exchange for sexual favors, Edo’s thoughts go back to his life in Lomé. He remembers long hungry days, walking along the beach to find some food, until his meeting with Fyll, who convinces him to embark illegally on the SEAGULL, a Danish container ship to escape poverty, just like his father did years before, never to be heard of again.

Text Charles Manian
Director Adjanoh-Adanlete Follykue
With Akoete Akakpo

With the support of the Togo Embassy


Open Space

6th March | 10:30 pm | TURLg
Liège Royal University Theatre (TURLg)
Liège, Belgium
(60’ / in French)

You are the newest addition to a pencil set. Which colour are you and why?
Do not mingle: harmony, balance, and synergy are extremely important here.
Our pencils are perfectly sharpened and trained for the best results.
Do not stand out, be sharp at work.
From Monday to Friday, we make the most of our talents to position ourselves as leaders: the prettiest drawings, full-colour works.

Collective creation
Director Romain Parizel & Brice Ramakers
With Amalia Carrera, Quentin Courtois, Luca D’Agostino, Andrea Dal Molin, Aïcha Farhi, Donatienne Franssen, Nessim Gantois, Cyriane Genot, Sophie Pirard
Sound and light operator Benjamin Devillers et David Dupuis

The Lover

7th March | 3:00 pm | Chiroux
Theatre Laboratory “VidSutnist”
Rivne, Ukraine
(65’ / in Ukrainian)

He visits her in the scorching afternoon, two or three times a week. They close the curtains to prevent the sun from hindering their pleasure. She puts on high heels, powders her face, fills glasses with alcohol and changes into another woman. Her husband, back from his boring job, questions her: “Did he come today? What did you do? What did he think of our mallow flowers?” They cut each other with their sharp tongues. He talks about his whore, sometimes, which annoys her. He says he is not jealous of her, she says she is not jealous of him. They are confined in the small house where they got married and which has long become the pain of their shared existence.

Text Harold Pinter
Director Iurii Paskar
Yuliia Hanushchak, Mykola Tsyhaniuk
Sound operator
Iurii Paskar
Light operator
Mykola Antoniuk

Le CETA, l’Europe, le Canada, la Wallonie et moi dans tout cela ?

7th March | 8:30 pm | TURLg
Liège Royal University Theatre (TURLg)
Liège, Belgium
(65’ / in French)

Looking back at the CETA
Our play offers to look back at an event widely talked about all around the world when, in the autumn of 2016, the Walloon Parliament opposed the signature of the trade agreement between the EU and Canada: the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). Including, of course, the unprecedented civil involvement in the “STOP CETA!” campaign.
So what is the CETA? What is its recipe? What is Europe today and what are its options for tomorrow? What are all those free trade agreements, the TTIP, JEFTA and mercosur, imagining for us? And then, what is left of that autumn 2016? Over three years later, what are we looking at? What conclusions can we draw from all this?
With the text I am Europe by Falk Richter (Anne Monfort for the French translation)

Collective creation
Alain Chevalier
Alain Chevalier, Nicolas Innocent, Anne Mycinski, Maxime Vallette & Pierre Wathelet
Sound and light operator
Benjamin Devillers et David Dupuis